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Recorded by CROSSFIRE @ Maison De Trash
Mixed/ Master by Will Hirst @ The Brock Closet


released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


CROSSFIRE Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Power Gain
You can't take my right to choose
Answer to you I refuse
You can't strip our rights from us
The ones that you can not touch
You can't turn our thoughts away
The ones that don't cause you pain

My words mean nothing to you
All the pain you put me through
I will never see the light
In this way of life
Even though for you
It's shining so bright

The power you took
The power you gained
From taking what was mine
And sparking the flame

All the shit you put me through
I will never listen to you
I will never be like you
I have nothing to prove
Track Name: Acts of Ignorance
Your acts of remorse
I've seen them before
On your hands and knees
Just to settle the score
Can't fool me once
Even if you tried
Won't be derailed
Won't stand by your side
Your peers are no better
Standing idly by
Hands in their pockets
With their heads to the ground
There's nowhere to turn
You hide behind the crowd
You stand on the shoulders
Of your jury of fools
While the innocent suffer

We all know the rules

The wounded speak out
But their cries are silenced
Made to feel wrong
Seen only as defiance
Your acts of ignorance
I've seen them before
And it's no surprise
It's your safety they'll ensure

What will it take?
To account for your mistakes
What do you stand for?
Using others as a crutch
Let my anger
Grow far too much